Why Bond Yields Are In The Headlines – and How They’ll Make Us Money

When my dad was teaching me to fish for trout in the streams around our home town, there was actually a lot to learn.

One of the most important lessons was finding spots where the fish are. It seems simple, but in a good-sized stream there are lots of places to cast your fly or bait. Identifying the best ones makes the difference between a productive morning fishing and just throwing a hook in the water over and over again (sound a bit like trading?)

Lots of people look for places where fish can take cover – water under a low hanging tree branch or deep holes where fish can lie near the bottom unseen by predators above the surface. If you can identify those spots and pull a convincing hand-made fly or tasty bait past a fish’s nose, you have a chance for a strike.

But I quickly learned that the location to get the most bites is where fish are actively feeding. Finding swirls underneath rapids are good for this. But my favorite was finding a slightly deeper, fast-flowing channel in the middle of a set of rapids.

It didn’t look like much from above the water. But if you put on a snorkeling mask and look a little below the surface, you’ll see activity that makes it a veritable buffet line for waiting trout.

Bugs, grubs and larvae and even careless minnows and crawdads get caught up swept downstream in the fast-flowing channel. When this little channel empties into the slower moving water, turbulent mixing happens that’s not readily apparent from the creek bank.

And all those tasty morsels (tasty to a trout, anyway) get tumbled about, making them easy pickins’ for the agile fish lying in wait.

And yes, I did put on a mask and check out what was happening in those crystal-clear creeks when I was growing up. And while I wasn’t half the fisherman that my dad or younger brother were, I still got my fair share of wily trout by knowing what was happening under the surface.

Knowing what’s happening under the surface is key to understanding all the turmoil happing in the bond market as well. Let’s see why

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