Ancient Math Can Help You Predict the Market’s Movements

As you’re hopefully enjoying your Saturday, I want to bring you a quick market update because there are some interesting technical indicators I want to share with you.

I recently discussed the significance of Fibonacci retracements with members of Stealth Profits Trader, and I want to share a bit of that insight here as well. Now, I want to reiterate that I’m not necessarily convinced that Fibonacci numbers actually control market movements, but there are a lot of eyeballs on the market watching for these levels to provide support for the market, which can make them self-fulfilling prophecies. I’ll show you exactly where the next levels lie, and how to take advantage of them.

We’ll also take a peek at a couple of other markets which many investors use as flights to safety – namely the gold and oil markets – and how we can apply some technical indicators to anticipate their movements going forward.

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How I Just Made 10% In 5 Minutes on the “Beyond Meat” Mania

Every Monday at 10 a.m., I have a call with one of Money Map Press’ “founding fathers”, Bill Patalon. He’s also a great stock picker and editor of Private Briefing. We talk about markets and business and some personal stuff, too.

This week I was one minute late dialing the number. Because I was watching these bars unfold on my trading screen:

Beyond Meat (BYND) had just gapped up to open and then taken off, eventually jumping an additional 10% in just 5 minutes. By 10 a.m. sharp, the initial $10 pullback had already happened.

Since Bill and I have worked together for many years, we usually exchange some pleasantries and get caught up on the personal side of things before we jump into market or business topics.

When he answered with a nice “Hello”, I responded back immediately with a curt nine-word sentence:

“If you own any Beyond Meat, sell it now.”

My reasoning was simple: much like nature abhors a vacuum, markets abhor a parabola. They can’t be sustained. On a price vs. time chart, parabolas are the visual representation of a mania.

Bill didn’t own BYND, though some folks he knows did. And Bill had made a great call, recommending the stock on its IPO day when it was trading in the 60’s.

I also like the meat replacement producers a lot. The science behind BYND is incredible. And it’s even more so for BYND’s chief competitor, Impossible Foods, whose IPO is expected later this year. And while I think these innovative companies and their stocks could be good long-term investments, when the market hands you an unexpected and very oversized windfall, it’s almost always wise to gladly accept.

Let’s look at some other recent market parabolas and what you can do (and a few things you shouldn’t do) when these come about.

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