Our Next Trade: Cashing in on America’s “Bulldozer Gap”

I want to start today’s talk by sharing one of the most-powerful bits of trading wisdom you’ll ever get.

And here it is.

You’ll reap your biggest profits when the “out-of-whack” opening you’re looking to trade is tied to the marketnarrative” – the over-arching story that’s driving stock, bond and commodities prices.

The reason for this is pretty simple: These imbalances or openings – which I refer to as “market extremes” – are fleeting, and close up by snapping back to normal. But when those “extremes” are in synch with the overall market narrative, those rubber-band-like snapbacks are the most powerful you’ll see.

And when you can attach a specific trade to those powerful snapbacks … well, the profits can be downright staggering.

That’s why – here at the 10-Minute Millionaire – these are the only trades that we do.

It’s a simple trading strategy – putting our cash into only the best trading opportunities, so we don’t dilute our wins.

It’s a powerful strategy – since we’ll get big return on the few trades that we actually do.

And it’s a time-efficient strategy – allowing us to manage open trades (and find new ones) in the smallest amount of time possible.

Simple … powerful … time-efficient.

That describes the 10-Minute Millionaire system.

It also describes the brand-new trade that I’m bringing you today.

I have to be honest … because there are so many powerful forces at work here … I’m really excited about this one …

Let me show you everything you need to know…

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