Why the “Trump Tell” Is the Key to Our Next Double-Your-Money Trade

I enjoy the occasional game of poker.

It appeals to the “trader” in me.

Trading is all about probability, risk and psychology. And if you really think about it, poker is surprisingly similar. Played correctly – played artfully – an individual trade is like a hand of poker: You’re boosting your chances of winning by understanding your odds; you slash your risk of loss by honestly assessing probabilities; and you elevate your play by understanding the psychology of your opponents.

As a trader, your opponent is the stock market – which is really a compilation of each and every investor with a seat at the table. That’s why – if you want to win as a trader – you don’t want to view the market as some faceless entity.

You want to think of the stock market as a living, breathing person – one with a personality, with emotions, and with predictable reactions to news, to world events, to political revelations and to good and bad news of all shapes and forms.

In fact (and I’m letting you in on one of my favorite bits of insight) stocks even develop a “tell,” a predictable style of play you can turn to your advantage with big-profit trades. That’s been especially true in the “first 100 days” of the administration of new U.S. President Donald Trump.

It’s taken those few short months for investors (the “market”) to adopt a very predictable set of responses to the moves made by the new commander in chief.

I’ve dubbed this trading pattern the “Trump Tell.”

And it’s not just predictable.

It’s also exploitable.

Finding “out-of-whack” openings like these – where we can apply the 10-Minute Millionaire system – is one key to turning small, underperforming parts of our portfolio into millions of dollars.

Today I’m going to tell you all about the “Trump Tell.” I’m going to show you how it works.

And I’m going to show you how you can exploit it for profit…

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