You Asked, We Listened – Here’s an Options Play On Our Top “Millionaire Trade”

I’ve been stunned (and very gratified) by the rush of enthusiasm that’s followed our launch of the 10-Minute Millionaire – and how the comments section for each issue comes to life with your suggestions, questions and expressions of gratitude.

And one of the more-frequent questions I’m seeing is something like “Hey, D.R., we love this … are there ways to play some of the stocks you talk about by using options?”

And while wealth-building – not options trading – is the focus of the 10-Minute Millionaire, I want you to know that we’re listening … we hear you … and we’re here for you.

So today I want to share an options trade on an opportunity we’ve already recommended – uranium miner Cameco Corp. (Nasdaq: CCJ).

Let me show it to you now…

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