To Reach Your First Million, You Have to Be Willing to “Go With the Flow”

My great grandma – everyone called her “Ma Snyder” – lived on a beautiful stream called Big Stoney Creek in the southwest part of Virginia.

And about a mile from her house, at the end of the creek’s rapids, – our favorite swimming spot – which we all referred to as the “Blue Hole.

I was about six when I took my first trip down this natural waterslide, and I still remember the shock of hitting that cold water at the bottom – and being tumbled head-over-heels by the force of the water. 

I clawed my way toward the surface – and air – thwarted by the stream’s strong current, which seemed intent on holding me down deep. Gasping, I finally made it.

Pretty scary stuff for a six year old.

One of the local kids had watched my battle with the water and told me how brave I was to try the daring slide. 

Then he offered some surprising advice…

“Don’t fight the water – just go with the flow,” the swimming-hole Socrates told me. “In just a couple of seconds, the water will naturally push you to the surface.”

On my next trip down into the Blue Hole, I tried it his way, letting the current push me along – instead of fighting against it.

Sure enough, I was lifted right to the surface – without the exertion, the terror and the risk of my first trip down the rapids.

In fact, it was actually a thrilling ride – a pleasurable experience that I subsequently repeated over and over and over again.

Here’s why I’m sharing this story: The “go-with-the-flow” mindset that allowed me to safely navigate the natural Blue Hole waterslide is the very same mindset that will let 10-Minute Millionaire traders navigate the stock, bond, commodity and currency markets.

In both cases, it’s an approach that maximizes the return you get (fun at the swimming hole, wealth in the markets) on your efforts. It keeps your effort to a minimum. And it virtually eliminates the risk of drowning – something you want to avoid whether you’re swimming or trading.

Let me show you exactly how this lesson applies to the current “Trump market,” and our brand new infrastructure play…

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