D.R. Barton on Fox Business: With Asian Markets Down, Another Cautious U.S. Indicator

The Asian markets have been off for a while, and just recently the Shanghai composite fell 3.7% overnight. That’s the equivalent of the Dow falling 1,500 points overnight. This is a concern for the U.S. markets as the slowdown could be contagious. When China is doing poorly, its trading partners suffer. In this episode of Cavuto Coast to Coast, D.R.’s shares his perspective on how long the Chinese issues could take to catch up with the U.S. markets, and how we can play this out. Click here to watch

Do Not Buy RWM Until This Happens

If you’ll recall, a couple of days ago I gave you a potential short trade to deploy when the market reaches a very crucial support level: 2800.

Now, this week on Wednesday, we made the most new 52-week lows since back in February.

Today, I wanted to give you an in-depth technical picture of what’s going on – why you should start thinking about caution – but why those yellow flags should stay in the back of your mind, but out of your trading strategy, for a little while yet.

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