I’m Opening the Mailbag to Answer Your Questions

Today, I want to do a brief Q&A session. We’ll be taking a look at a few of the questions and comments I’ve received from some of you recently – something I hope to be able to do more frequently going forward.

We’ve got some great comments from you, my esteemed readers, to delve into and expand upon today. We’ll talk about more accurately measuring volatility (as we’ve discussed in previous issues), some chart formations that have appeared recently, and I’ll give you some insight on how best to time trades ahead of earnings reports.

I also touch on the variety of trade recommendations that Insiders receive to navigate these volatile markets profitably – from quick-hit trades to play the ups and downs, to intermediate term stock trades that can outperform the market, to foundational buy-and-hold investments that create secure income streams.

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How the Market Got Slammed by a Trio of Problems

“You could be a meteorologist all your life and never see something like this. It would be a disaster of epic proportions. It would be… the perfect storm.”

    –Todd Gross, Boston Meteorologist


The market conditions that have developed in recent days remind me of the ill-fated sailors of the Andrea Gail in the film The Perfect Storm, who unwittingly sailed into a convergence of three storms that would produce a once-in-a-lifetime tempest.

As the audience of the film, we enjoy dramatic irony (knowing something the characters do not), and are well aware of the impending dangers our protagonists are steaming towards. It’s enough to make us want to grab the screen and yell, “turn around, you fools!”

Unfortunately, as investors, we often do not have the benefit of dramatic irony. Our role is much like that of the Andrea Gail’s captain, Billy Tyne (played with understated smoothness by George Clooney). The best we can do is make tough calls with the information we have, strive for success, and battle the storms that come.

That said, let’s take a look at our “market weather map” and analyze the three squalls that have developed into Wall Street’s perfect storm, and sunk the S&P by 130 points, and the Dow by over 1,500 in the last three days.

I’ll also give you some suggestions on how best to weather the storm, and make sure you get home safely, with a boatload of fish…

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