How Our Charts Helped Us Beat “Fake News” And Make 107.5%

It’s only Tuesday…and it’s already been a crazy week.

Yesterday morning I was invited to the New York studios of Fox Business Network to provide stock market analysis for the Varney & Co. show.  After that live airing, I took a moment to give you some additional insights in a special beginning-of-the-week video edition of “D.R. Unfiltered.” In this quick video, clocking in at just under three minutes, I talk about why the market is so strong, why (and how long) I expect it to stay that way, and show you the most profitable sectors to play right now…

If you missed my official Fox appearance, I’ll have it to you a little later in the week.

For now, let’s take a quick look at the wild market action that’s been going on the past few trading days (and why it’s been good for us)

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