Stephen Hawking Inspires Us to Find Profits in a Different Type of Analysis

Stephen Hawking, one of the most well-known and influential scientists of recent generations, passed away this week.

While he has a different take on spiritual beliefs than I do, there can be little doubt about the lasting legacy of his work.

His most influential theory was introduced back in 1974 – long before he became a famous cosmologist (someone who studies the origins of the universe).

That concept, which came to be known as Hawking radiation, explained how energy and even matter could escape the immense gravitational pull of a black hole.

But for me, Dr. Hawking’s rise to fame was because he made the complex scientific theories about the origins of the universe understandable to the broader public.

Add to that his very heroic efforts to overcome limitations imposed by the degenerative disease ALS, and you have someone who not only simplified science, but humanized it.

Today, as an homage to Hawking’s ability to simplify complex systems,

I’d like to show you a little known branch of market analysis that will show us one of the reasons the market is down this week and why that downtrend is not likely to last

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