This Little-Known Trade War Fallout Has Cost Taxpayers 2.75x More than the Auto Bailout

The mainstream business news is laser-focused on the trade dispute with China. President Trump’s fight with China’s Xi Jinping is just about all you hear or read about in the business news.

Even the string of all-time market highs these past two weeks had a tough time getting any press. The pundits quickly got back to talking about tariffs and trade negotiations, as if nothing else mattered.

But there’s a much more important story developing right under our eyes, right in America’s heartland.

One that no one is talking about. Probably because it’s not very convenient.

Of course, the truth rarely is.

But the consequences for your finances, and for swathes of Americans, could be tremendous

I Was Having a Good Morning, Until I Saw This…

Friday morning started off really well. The sun was shining, and while the birds weren’t singing as many have already flown south for the winter, the bitter cold of the “arctic blast” from earlier in the week had begun to recede.

You could say I was in a good mood, until a friend of mine asked me to check out an article he’d read, and my disposition soured…

It wasn’t so much the specific article I’d been asked to read, but everything else on the page that really drew my ire.

If you believed that what you saw on the Business section of this news outlet was the most relevant financial news, you’d think that the sky was falling.

Click here, and I’ll show you what I mean. I’ll also show you some cold, hard facts about what’s really going on in the market, and why things aren’t as bleak as some would have you believe.

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