Sometimes Slow and Steady Wins the Million-Dollar Race

If I had to take a guess, I’m betting that most of you have someone in your life that is predictable – in a good way. 

They’re reliable. 

They get stuff done when they say they’ll get it done.

They’re the person who makes sure there’s always fresh milk in the fridge, and that the garbage makes it to the curb on Tuesdays.

When I was growing up, it was my parents.

But in my professional life, that role went to the mentor I had at my very first job – a man I call “TB.”

This guy was never “out of sorts.”

He got to meetings five minutes early. He always had his notes at his fingertips and in good order.

In fact, he was the first to introduce this budding young engineer to a “tickler file” – a system where you could store papers and action items for future reminders and retrieval. 

TB called it his secret to never missing a project deadline – or a colleague’s birthday.

I thought about TB quite a lot this past weekend – and for good reason: You see, we want to be your “TB.”

The 10-Minute Millionaire is designed to be a powerful system whose results are reliable and repeatable over an extended period of time.

By stringing together a predictable series of gains in rapid-fire succession, you have the power of compounding with you like a wind at your back – which has the power to propel you towards millionaire status in just a few years.

And today’s latest extreme profit opportunity moves us one step further down our path.

Let’s take a look…

Stop… Look… Listen… And Make a Million Dollars

Not long ago, I had to make the two-hour drive from my home in Delaware to the Money Map Press offices in downtown Baltimore.

The trip very nearly had a dramatic – and tragic – ending.

But not for me.

As I neared the city, I encountered a line of cars whose drivers were slowing at a Baltimore Light Rail crossing. The red warning lights were flashing and the black-and-white-striped crossing gates were coming down as the Maryland commuter train approached.

Of course, one driver – in a hurry to get somewhere – ducked under the gate on his side and was forced to weave his way around the “arm” on the opposite side of the crossing.

He made it by the skin of his teeth.

I shook my head at the pointless risk this driver had taken – even as my mind drifted back to a very different locale, and a very different time.

I was thinking back 50 years, to the rural Virginia of my youth. It’s cliché, I know, to say “it was a simpler time.” In this case, however, it really was a simpler era. The safety regulations of that time weren’t as stringent as they are today – particularly in the tiny communities like the one I grew up in.

We have railway crossings back there, too. But they weren’t protected by strict traffic laws, or by flashing red lights, or by striped automated gates.

The sum total of the safety preparations at those crossings were signs that very simply stated: “Stop… Look… Listen.”

Those words made quite an impression on my young mind – perhaps because I remember instances where motorists failed to heed that simple-but-powerful warning.

As I got older, I realized that this warning was relevant to much, much more than just a train-track crossing. Like a voice that echoed in my head, those words morphed into a mantra that guided my technical-trading efforts.

And when I decided to transform all that I’d learned into a “system” that would help everyday investors achieve the wealth I felt they deserved, those words helped me craft a strategy that would let folks like you avoid the three biggest mistakes that investors make.

If you avoid those missteps, it’s actually relatively easy to turn a small amount of money into a fairly large one – even a million dollars or more.

So take a few minutes to peruse today’s 10-Minute Millionaire report as I detail this mistakes.

Stop… look… and listen.

I promise it’ll be well worth your while.

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