You Get to See My TV Notes (And Profit Recs) Before I Go on Fox Today…

Today, I have an incredibly full three-media-hit day in NYC! Here’s my agenda:

  • 9:30 Fox Business Network: Varney & Co.
  • 3:45 Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio
  • 6:00 Fox Business Network: Making Money with Charles Payne

You can catch any or all of these appearances, but don’t worry – I’ll have them posted on the website in the next day or two in case you miss. (I also plan on filming a special D.R. Unfiltered later, at Bloomberg’s immaculate campus – I look forward to showing you around the place.)

Without further ado, then, here are my notes, with profit recs at the bottom….

New “Island” Trade Headed to 100% – And A Big Announcement

I’m in a festive mood today…for two reasons.

As you’ll see in the video below, I’m decked out in my summer island vacation gear, in honor of a very seasonally appropriate and rare trade pattern called the “Island Reversal.” What an Island Reversal means, to keep it simple, is that the stock has shown a short-term trend to the downside, punctuated by a big gap down. And then it’s followed by a “gap up.” That combination is a strong indicator that the stock will reverse and go higher.

And we should see another nice 100% gain… or more… as it climbs back up to its highs over the next month.

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