D.R. on Fox Business: “Planes, Beans, and Automobiles”

The potential trade war between the U.S. and China escalated recently when China announced that it would match Trump’s tariffs with their own set of tariffs on American soybeans, cars, and airplanes. Despite all the media hysteria, some feel that tensions will cool during a new round of negotiation. Others point fingers at the fluctuations of the market as a possible indicator of upcoming economic strain. Our star market watcher, D.R., has had his eye on the trends and sheds some light on this issue. (Hint: A few quick laughs ahead) Click here to watch.

Here’s How to Protect Your Nest Egg in This Crazy Market

It’s spring, or very nearly! I filmed this early this morning before hopping in the car to spend the day at my publisher’s in Baltimore – it was an impromptu trip, but it’s truly a beautiful day for a drive.

The sun seems to be coming out from behind the clouds for the markets, too, after yesterday’s dizzying session that saw a 510-point Dow drop in morning trading followed by a massive 700-point rebound as trade war fears eased…

What we’re seeing on our charts is a W forming, or a “double bottom” – and that’s very good news.

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