D.R. on Varney & Co.: “Quitaly” – The Country Debating the Euro

U.S. stocks took a nosedive on Tuesday as the political crisis in Italy stirred fears among investors. The populist politicians failed to form a government, and now Italy is getting ready for new elections. This could give radical parties an edge, causing the country to vote against participation in the European Union. Already, many people are referring to the country as “Quitaly.” As the third largest economy in Europe, Italy has a strong influence on the euro. It dropped 1% against the dollar on Tuesday, and a referendum by Italy could push it towards serious downside. Nevertheless, according to D.R. in this live appearance, this gives us a good opportunity to buy stocks on a dip. He also gives his opinion on Han Solo in the latest rendition of Star Wars. Click here to watch

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of The 3% Treasury Yield

As we head into our long Memorial Day weekend, I thought I’d leave you with a bit of good sense and good cheer.

You may have been reading alarmist market commentary lately that discusses the benchmark 10 year Treasury note yield — when the amount of that yield recently broke above 3% for the first time in a long time, the markets had a down day, among other reasons, because investors feared the Fed might tighten faster than they planned. It’s “a level that many market players deem dangerous for investments and the economy,” according to our friends at CNBC…

The trouble is, these market players are just a bit shortsighted.

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