One Tip to Trade Like the Pros

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The open is for the rookies and the close is for the pros…
Old Floor Trader Saying, Unattributed

My long-time friend Brad Martin was a floor trader in the futures pits of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for over a decade and a half.

He was a savvy guy, and was of that rare breed that could sense changes coming.  He moved off the floor and started his own day-trading room in the late 1990s, just ahead of the day-trading boom.  He then added real estate development to his repertoire a few years later, and rode several projects (that he managed himself) all the way up to top of the real estate bubble.  Most notably, he sold a fully permitted residential development to a big housing construction conglomerate in 2007 – not a bad exit for that “trade”…

Brad’s many years on the floor trading futures gave him tons of great stories, and more old “trader sayings” than you could shake a stick at – including the quote at the top of this article.

Brad explained that opens are when “retail” traders (non-professionals) want to get in or out of trades.  This usually makes trading action quite chaotic with price bouncing all over the place.  On the other hand, it’s pros who are in control of the time leading up to close as they position themselves for the end of the day, deciding whether they want to carry positions overnight or not.

And it’s this same concept that gives us key insight into how the markets have “behaved” during the post-Christmas rally. Here’s what I mean…

What My Wife (And I) Think About the “Cannabis Safety” Issue

In the world of issue management, you need to understand what the stakeholder questions and concerns are around a given issue to understand the balance of outrage and acceptance.                                         

–Issues Management Expert (source given below)

When I started this project on digging into the morality of pot stock investing, I went to several people who have significant expertise on the subject to help me.  One of those was the head of issues and crisis management at a major U.S. corporation.  I was once again impressed with this person’s deep and broad knowledge of issues management that can only come from decades of experience. In reviewing my morality of pot investing outline, she gave me the quote at the top of this article.

To be honest, during the process I fell in love with this world-renowned resource all over again.  And that’s a good thing – because she’s my wife.

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