D.R. Barton on Varney & Co.: The End of Retail … As We Know It

We all know that the internet is changing our world. It’s making everything easier, faster, and better. Yet not all companies are feeling the benefit of these improvements. One of the most significant sectors to feel the impact of this change is retail. While online retailers like Amazon are on the rise, promising to take delivery to a whole new level, brick and mortar retailers are suffering. According to a recent UBS report, 30,000 to 80,000 retail outlets will close by 2025. That’s a lot! The question is … Which brick and mortar retailers are still worth investing in? Today on Varney and Co., D.R. reveals a few of his top picks…

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Take Your Third Round of Profits on This Sportswear Stock

Hello, 10-Minute Millionaires!

Today, I have a pleasant, and profitable, treat for you…

Although most of our profit recommendations, especially options, are reserved for 10-Minute Millionaire Pro and Stealth Profits Trader subscribers, we do occasionally recommend stocks here in 10-Minute Millionaire….picked with the same care and attention to detail that go into our paid services.

And some of those recommendations are doing very nicely indeed.

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